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 William Morris recognised the importance of wallpaper when he advised in one of his lectures;

'Whatever you have in your rooms think first of the walls for they are that which makes your house and home, and if you do not make some sacrifices in their favour you will find your chambers have a kind of makeshift, lodging-house look about them…'
Depth, emotion and intensity are the allure of wallpaper. Wallpaper can create a subtle background or be a bold addition. Wallpaper allows you to express your individual style and adds instant character to any room. Whatever your design preferences, wallpaper has it all.
Wallpapers role in the overall decorative scheme of interior walls is a vital one.  The choice of wallpaper affects the mood and style of a room, and wallpaper may influence the choice of other furnishings. The wallpaper itself may be indicative of the function of a room, and will often reflect the age, status or gender of its inhabitants or habitual occupants.
Shopping for Wallpaper in Nairobi, Kenya? At Wallpaper Kenya we have wallpaper to suite everyone. From We give you the widest choice of Wallpaper in the whole of Nairobi and Kenya. The Wallpapers in Nairobi Kenya catalog below is not half the story, and is just part of the hard copy wallpapers in Nairobi catalogs we have in our store. We have many more wallpaper designs, wallpaper textures and wallpaper patterns in the store. Please visit Wallpaper Kenya at Kilimani Business Centre, Kirichwa Road Nairobi. We offer comprehensive services including wallpaper fitting, wallpaper removal and wallpaper adhesive sales. 
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Wallpaper Kenya is registered in Kenya & Based in Kenya at Office No.8 Kilimani Business Centre. Wallpaper Kenya are Wallpaper & Borders Wholesaler & Retailer. Our wallpapers are In-Stock in Nairobi, Kenya. We supply wallpaper to all major towns in Kenya and outside Kenya. At Wallpaper Kenya You find superior products such as wallcloth, not found anywhere else in Kenya.

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Outside Nairobi & Kenya we are wallpaper suppliers to Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania & Uganda. Please check out our online interior walls design and decor wallpaper and wall-covers catalogs on this website or request for a hard-copy wallpaper catalog through email wallpaperkenya@gmail.com or phone 0720271544.

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