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William Morris, regarded as the father of American & European contemporary interior design, practiced in Kenya, recognized the importance of wallpaper when he advised in one of his lectures on wallpaper in interior decoration and interior design;

'Whatever you have in your rooms think first of the walls for they are that which makes your house and home, and if you do not make some sacrifices in their favor you will find your chambers have a kind of makeshift, lodging-house look about them…'

Wallpaper Kenya (store for wallpaper in Nairobi, Kenya)  has wallpaper to suite everyone. Wallpaper Kenya has the widest collection of wallpapers in Kenya, with over 500 different wallpaper designs in Nairobi, Kenya. Wallpaper Kenya also boasts the most experienced wallpaper artisans in Kenya. See testimonials from Wallpaper Kenya's satisfied clientele in Nairobi. For Residential houses Wallpaper in Kenya and beyond, Funky Wallpaper, Animal Skin Wallpaper, Zebra lines wallpaper, Cheetah skin wallpaper, Giraffe skin wallpaper, Golden Wallpaper, Earth Colors Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown Wallpaper, Sky's Wallpaper, Clouds, just let Wallpaper Kenya know what you want.Wallpaper Kenya gives you the widest choice of Wallpaper in Nairobi Kenya. The Wallpapers in Nairobi online catalog below is not half the story, and is just part of the hard copy wallpapers in Nairobi we have in our store. Wallpaper Kenya has many more wallpaper designs, wallpaper textures and wallpaper patterns in our stores. 

Please visit Wallpaper Kenya at Kilimani Business Centre. Wallpaper Kenya offers comprehensive services including wallpaper fitting, wallpaper removal and wallpaper adhesive sales. 
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Wallpaper Kenya is registered in Kenya & Based in Kenya at Nairobi Kilimani Business Centre. Wallpaper Kenya are Wallpaper Wholesaler & Retailer. Our wallpaper are In-Stock in Nairobi Kenya. Wallpaper Kenya supplies wallpaper to all major towns in Kenya and outside Kenya. At Wallpaper Kenya You find superior products, not found anywhere else in Kenya, the widest collection of wallpaper in Kenya.

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Outside Nairobi & Kenya we are wallpaper suppliers to Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania & Uganda.

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